Calling 10,000 intercessors from the State of Michigan!


In the history of our great state, there have been many who have laid down their lives in prayer for God’s purposes. This obedience has paved the way for the call that is now being sent out to Michigan, along with all 50 states. In December of 2010, the Holy Spirit spoke to the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network as well as the Reformation Prayer Network to gather 10,000 intercessors from each state to form a strategic alignment for targeted prayer for our nation before the 2012 elections. The West Michigan Prayer Center received the mandate to lead this drive in our beloved state. We are sensing the escalation of uncertainty and we believe this state-wide prayer of agreement will prepare the way for what God wants to do in Michigan in these dark days.

We envision a state-wide intercessory community, trusting that in the Spirit, there is no geographical separation. A community of individuals who lay down their own burdens and lives to take up the burdens of the Lord in prayer. This could mean there is an intercessor in Detroit crying out for the Lord’s work in Traverse city. An intercessor from Marquette travailing over an issue in Saginaw. A situation in Lansing brought to the attention of an intercessor in Alpena, who gives their time to satisfy Gods heart.

Through this community God will have the opportunity to destroy the works of the enemy that rise up between cities like prejudice, intimidation, envy and contempt. As we give ourselves to God for issues concerning each other, He will use us to breakdown the walls that divide. As we lay down our areas of ministry to pray for God’s desires, God will build His kingdom. As we grow in yielding to the Spirit of God, He will increase our authority, and we will see God move. We believe that obedience to this call will build a landing strip for God to come and move in our state the way He wants to.

You may ask: How will this community be built? How is it possible to build a community of 10,000 intercessors?

Our Answer: Not by power, nor by might, but by His Spirit. If this call is from God, and we believe in our spirits that it is, He will make it happen. We will start with what we have, which is our existing networks, and trust God to fill in the gaps. We are trusting that He will place this urgency for prayer over our state in the hearts of those he is calling to this assignment.

Years from now, we will be sitting around, teaching new christians. We will teach them that there was a time, when God called 10,000 intercessors to come together across our state. We will share with them that we were a part of this great move of His Spirit in our state. This call for 10,000 intercessors is an Historic assignment, and we are in an Historical time.

Is the Lord calling you for such a time as this?

It is not difficult to be counted as one of the Tenacious 10K of Michigan! 

We will begin publishing a periodic newsletter meant to unite, inform, encourage, and educate intercessors.

This newsletter will be available through these avenues:

1. Here on our website

2. On our facebook page (Click Here)

Look for the first edition this spring!!

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